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Beware the New Political Center

September 22, 2017 • ART OF LIVING, POLITICSComments (1)

If the BLM movement is treated as “centrist,” then the Democrats have a Leninist wing.

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Who will Save the Poorest from the Planet Savers?

September 8, 2017 • COMMERCE, POLITICSComments (0)

A $1 billion investment in Guatemala produced profits, jobs, education, and hope until environmentalists shut it down.

Will Bitcoin Survive the Feds and End the Fed?

September 7, 2017 • COMMERCE, POLITICSComments (1)

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that libertarians love and the Left hates.

Postmodernism Must Win, Democracy Be Damned

August 30, 2017 • ART OF LIVING, POLITICSComments (1)

“They” regard it as “commonsensical” that Trump voters are illiterate bigots who don’t understand democracy.

Why the Left is Attacking Dead Soldiers

August 22, 2017 • ART OF LIVING, POLITICSComments (0)

Statue toppling is about race, but only through the “Postmodernist” lens.

Ethics, Accountancy, and Economic Activity

August 20, 2017 • COMMERCE, POLITICSComments (2)

Why is the accountant/auditor sometimes complicit in corruption, fraud, and failure?

Laws should Emphasize Rational Ethics-Derived Rights, not Procedures

August 11, 2017 • COMMERCE, POLITICSComments (3)

Substantive law can be derived from natural rights, while the U.S. Constitution is about procedural law, based more on historical events.

Don’t Fight the Transgender War on the Battlefield

August 6, 2017 • ART OF LIVING, POLITICSComments (0)

President Trump defies “identity politics” and has evidence and logic on his side.

The Deep Theory behind Stifling Speech

July 22, 2017 • ART OF LIVING, POLITICS, SliderComments (9)

Political Correctness is well grounded in philosophy, albeit the wrong one.

Regulation: The Perversion of Law and Morality

July 13, 2017 • COMMERCE, POLITICSComments (0)

The justifications used for regulations have permeated our culture and they undermine law and morality.