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It is essential that our writers are united by a love of individualism, and a conviction that it is vital for human happiness and self-actualization. Individualism itself has two aspects to it—the release and the flourishing. The individual can be subordinated by the family/ extended family, religion, culture, or by laws enforced by the State. However, what if the individuals, so freed, even partially, are afraid? They go back to the security of the group. How will they get courage? What if they are not savvy? How will they lift themselves? Indeed, even the perpetrators who suffocate other lives are at times well intentioned, but not savvy enough and hence misguided.

To savvy is to understand, to comprehend. The synonyms of savvy include learned, cunning, shrewd, discerning, clever, crafty, farsighted, intelligent, on the ball, sly, streetwise, and ingenious. Like the metonyms K Street, Fleet Street, Downing Street, and Wall Street, there is The Savvy Street, where you go to get understanding.

‘Translating deep thinking into common sense’ is our motto, but what is deep thinking? It is thinking that has the rigor of reason behind it. Reason proceeds to build inductive models based on validated observations, or deductive models based on known axioms.

The Savvy Street is not a newsmagazine—radio, Television, Twitter, and online newspapers, deliver news 24/7. We deliver principles that will help readers think through issues themselves.

We apply the barometer of Reason to economics, law, and politics to expose the duplicity of politicians and crony businesses everywhere. We champion the real business heroes and entrepreneurial free enterprise, and speak up on behalf of the victims of witch-hunts. We convey the findings of scientific research, translated into everyday language. We talk about the inventions or discoveries that have far-reaching implications or medical drugs that may markedly improve the quality of life. We express opinions on visual, literary, and the performing arts, but we have a framework—the Framework of Individualism that provides an objective basis for evaluation, and where deserved, celebration, of art. To spice it all up, we will often interview individuals that are flourishing, or suffering because they are sticking their necks out for the rest of us. Above all, we like talking about the art of living—how can we, as individuals, get better at life itself?

The dedication to Reason and an unending love affair with Individualism unifies our writers, but they are not clones of each other. They are, above all, individuals; individuals sharing their analyses, and expressing their opinions.

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